The Oxford WordPress Theme

I’ve always been impressed by the WordPress themes produced by The Theme Foundry. As a rule they are generally minimalist, exacting in their pixel precision and responsive in their display.

I’ve bought three themes from them in the past. The first was Shelf, a horizontal scrolling theme that displayed blog posts uniquely according to the type of media displayed. I next tried my hand at Chalk and then Collections. These are all gorgeous themes in their own right, however I confess I purchased them with the intention of modifying them substantially to fit my needs. I bought them, not so much as a solution, but rather as the foundation for a more personal design of my own.

Although modification was my intention, it also proved to be the main reason why I never got around to actually writing a blog. I spent so long labouring over understanding the existing code, changing it, adding on pieces, removing others.. I ended up giving up without any of my changes making it to a live server. I burnt out before I had even begun.

It’s now 2014. We live in a world of digital UI design that is becoming increasingly flat. Microsoft’s ‘Metro’ style, Apple’s iOS 7 and 8, and now OSX Yosemite are all examples of this trend. Less texture, less extraneous details. More white space, clean lines and typography. I was delighted therefore to find the Oxford WordPress Theme by The Theme Foundry late this year.

Oxford is delightfully simple. A magazine theme with typography front and centre, and almost zero fluffy details. I was entranced by the possibilities. In short, here was the blogging foundation I was looking for.

Naturally I leapt at the opportunity to purchase the Oxford theme as soon as was feasible (see: poor university student). Instead of repeating the same mistakes of prior experiments, I have begun my journey with Oxford by installing the theme on my live server. I’ve deleted all my previous entries and begun afresh. This time I have begun by actually WRITING an entry before I even modify a line of code. Yeah, I think I’m still in shock!

The point is, this is a beginning and I wanted to start out by referencing where my head has been at in the past. I wanted to give kudos to an excellent WordPress theme company and their stellar work, upon which my humble changes are merely icing to their cake. I also wanted to state my thinking going into this, a sort of declaration of intent. I want to get back to the writing, the doing and the making.


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