Blogo 2 for OSX

Blogo 2 for OSX is a native wordpress blogging editor released late last year on the Mac App Store. It was featured by Apple at the time as a ‘Best New App’ and received some positive reviews. After some discussion with Blogo’s support team I bought the app. My initial reluctance was that despite a robust feature set, Blogo did not support custom fields in posts. However the Blogo dev team reassured me that this was in the roadmap and would be baked in for a future update.

Roll on April 2015 and the latest update for Blogo 2 adds custom fields to the feature set. As this was my only reservation about the app, I can now recommend this as a complete native blogging solution for WordPress on OSX. It is now possible to maintain a complete blog-posting and editing workflow right from the desktop without needing a browser.

Blogo supports featured images, tagging and categorising, custom fields, visual editing and live previewing as well as comment management.

Go buy it for yourself now.

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