A Brief History of Graphics

Ahoy has produced an excellent series of five youtube videos that cover the origin and development of computer graphics over the past four decades. The obvious focus is on video games, as this is the area of computing that really pushed the graphical envelope. Ahoy identify many games that I never heard of, as well as many I remember fondly.

It is quite fascinating to see short clips of game footage shown in quick succession. It really highlights how quickly the technologies driving computer graphics progressed as well as the stark difference between games from my youth and those of today.

Nostalgia often blinds me when it comes to games I played as a child. I remember how amazing it felt to be flying a spacecraft, bashing up enemies or driving a car really fast. I remember how fantastic the graphics felt at the time. Looking at some of the old titles I remember though, Its hard to reconcile the reality with my memories.

In a decade, will I look back on games produced in the last couple of years and think they look absolutely crap? Judging by these videos, It would seem very likely.

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